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For most people, arm training is all about the biceps, which, ironically, constitute much less of your arm size than the triceps. If you’ve been murdering your bi’s with heavy workouts for a while now but still haven’t seen significant improvements in your arm size, that might be a sign that you need to pay more attention to your triceps development. Moreover, you need to train your triceps directly, because as great as it is, heavy chest training is rarely enough to maximally exhaust these muscles.

To save you the time you would otherwise spend fine-tuning key variables like exercise choice, rep ranges, volume and intensity until you compile the perfect triceps routine, we’ve created a straightforward but highly effective triceps workout that presents an optimal blend of bodyweight and machine training as well as compound mass-builders and isolation detail-carving moves, and is guaranteed to produce substantial results for almost anybody.

Let’s get to work!

#1. Dips

Sets: 4
Reps: rep out to near-failure on the first two sets; go to failure on the last two sets


Close-Grip Triceps Push-Ups

Just like the traditional version, the triceps push-up primarily targets the pectorals, delts and core muscles. However, research has shown that due to the narrow hand position, the triceps push-up is also one of the most effective exercises for exhausting your triceps, and you want to make sure you reap that benefit!

Get in a plank position with your hands closer than shoulder width. Keeping your elbows tight to your sides, tighten your abs and slowly lower your body down until your chest gently touches the floor. Engage your triceps to push yourself back up and repeat.

It would be a bit pretentious to say that this is the only triceps workout you’ll ever need, but believe us, it’s pretty close to that!

Like any other muscle group, the triceps should be trained directly twice per week on nonconsecutive days. Keep in mind that your triceps are also getting work on the days you train chest and shoulders, so plan your workouts accordingly.

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Perfect your form and keep blasting your triceps until you get the desired horse-shoe shape at the back of your arms.


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