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10 Easy Ways to Exercise More

If it were truly easy, then anybody would do it. Nobody is pretending that a healthier lifestyle is always the easier option, it isn’t. It is however the right option, and knowing that is the starting point. Thereafter, we have to commit ourselves to change, if what we were doing wasn’t working, then change is needed. Here we look at simple ways to introduce exercise into everyday life, which in turn will make a difference, and once people see progress, they encouraged to continue.


1.         Move More

Sounds simple, and it is. Simply moving our own bodies more throughout an average day equates to it working harder, and thus better. So for example, in an empty car park, pick the spot furthest from the door and not nearest; use the stairs at all times, or walk up the escalator as it moves – it is allowed! At the same time, when you’re on a lunch break, go for a walk, the brisker the better. Think about sitting less, moving more. Little steps to begin with, but more of them!


2.         Commit to Activity

By committing with a partner, friend or even an App, you are more likely to follow through with any plan even if it is based on the initial basis of not letting somebody else down. Soon this commitment will be more to yourself, you will actually enjoy the exercise more once you see any progress.


3.         Find A Favourite Exercise

A great way to find out your favourite exercise is to try as many as possible. A good way to do this is to take a gym day pass or flexible membership whereby you can try all of the facilities, the different exercises and classes, and then stick to your favourite. Flexible gym membership or gym day passes helps you to do this, and without the full commitment of a gym subscription. Your favourite exercise may not even need a gym at all, but you will only know by trying as many as possible. Plus if you do something you enjoy, you’ll naturally do it more often!


4.         Health & Strength not Size and Weight

Focus on how healthy or strong you are, not what size or weight you are. Some of us will never be skinny, so don’t try to be. You can be strong and healthy and not stick thin. Refocus your targets to suit yourself and your body. An element of strength training should be included by everyone, but don’t worry that you’ll become muscle bound, you won’t.


5.         Put Yourself First

You need to focus on what is right for you, so determine your own set of goals and targets and thereafter find a plan to match it.


6.         Find a Friend

That said, people train better with partners or technological friends such as Apps. Just make sure that your partner has likeminded goals, don’t train with a bodybuilder for a marathon, match targets.


7.         Mental Health

Creating a healthy body is a great way of ensuring a healthy and happy mind, so by looking at exercise as a means to becoming a more well-rounded individual will get you past the “I only run to stay fit” mind-set. You are an individual package, body and mind together.


8.         Future Not Past

You cannot change what has happened, only affect what might. So rather than blaming yourself for being where you are, see the decisions that you make as positive steps to a better future, and reward and track the changes so that you can see your journey unfolding. If you miss a session today, go tomorrow, and forget the day off.


9.         Start, Don’t Start, Stop, Start…

You have to be in a good position to start, and far too many stop, then start again. This approach is flawed. Instead, sit down, document your plans, tell other people, get support, and then act. Don’t expect too much too quick, it never happens and will only undermine any progress. Instead take small steps, but move ever forward.


10.       Remember Why

Writing down goals, targets, reasons and motivations will help you whenever things get hard. There will be hiccups, but at times like this, just refocus on the overall objective, to make a change.

Nobody can change unless they are willing to do so. Plans made in haste will soon be forgotten. Acting alone makes things harder, so get help. Thereafter have faith in yourself, and maintain the mind-set that you will move more whenever possible. Soon it will be routine, habitual and no longer an effort, and if you’re positive, then that will be sooner than you think.

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